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Justin Clayton

Latest Blog Entry from: Justin Clayton's blog

Recent Paintings:

Hershey's Chocolate 5x5 in.    M&M's  5x5 in.    Peppermint Patty  5x5 in.    Hay Bales  6x6 in.    Hay Bales no.2  5x7 in.    Hay Bales no.3  6x6 in.    Two Peppers 4x7 in.    Jalapeño Peppers  5x5 in.    Chili Peppers  5x7 in.    Roses & Irises  7x6 in.    Daisies 5x8 in.    Gladiolas  10x4 in.    Evening Sky  5x7 in.    Palm Tree no.6  7x4 in.    California Hillside  5x7 in.    Two Lemons  5x6 in.    Lemon and Avocado  5x7 in.    Sunset  7x5  in.    Morning Tide  4x7 in.    Seashells  5x5 in.    Mussel Shell  5x5 in.    Tangerines  5x5 in.    Peaches  5x7 in.    Cantaloupe and Grapes  5x7 in.    Cloud Study  5x7 in.    Cloud Study no.2  6x6 in.    Lindor Chocolate  5x5 in.    Tulip  7x5 in.    Fruit no.2  5x5 in.    Feather  7x2.5 in.    Cherries  5x7 in.    Elephant Garlic  5x7 in.    German Chocolate Cake  5x5 in.    Churros  4x7 in.    Honey Jar no.6  5x6 in.    Incense  7x4  in.    Orchids no.2  6x6    Sunrise  6x6 in.    Green Tomato  5x5 in.    Tomatoes no.2   5x5 in.    Creek Side  6x6 in.    Flower In Jar  5x5 in.    No.2 Pencil - $1 auction    Garden of the Gods  5x7  in.    Gateway Rock  5x6 in.    Pear and Strawberry  5x5 in.    Strawberry and Orange  5x5 in.    Egg and Salt  5x5 in.    Tree and Sky  7x5 in.    Apple and Grapes  5x5 in.    Onions On Plate  5x7 in.    Sky  6x6 in.    Sunflowers in Vase  6x6 in.    Beets  5x7 in.    Lemons and Knife  4x7 in.    Reflection  6x6 in.    avocado no.2 5x5 in    Salt Water Taffy no.2  5x5 in.    Grazing Sheep  5x7 in.    Magnolia no.3  5x5 in.    Peach no.3  6x6 in.    Pomegranate no.3  5x5 in.    White Flower  7x2.5 in.    Grassy Road  5x7 in.    Red Pear  5x5 in.    Dandelion  5x5 in.    Sunlight on Hill  5x7 in.    Cantaloupe no.4  5x6 in.    Pomegranate no.4  6x6  in.    In The Brush  6x6 in.    Storm Clouds  5x7 in.    Storm Clouds no.2  6x6 in.    Bok Choy and Bowl  6x8 in.    White Onion no.4  5x5 in.    Red and Green Tomatoes  5x7 in.    Candy Cane no.2  5x7 in.    Peppermint Twists  5x5 in.    Chocolate Kisses  5x6 in.    Bartlett Pear  5x5 in.    Be back soon...    One and a Half Lemons  5x5 in.    Snowy Day  7x5 in.    Apple Half  5x5 in.    Winter Tree  5x7 in.    Winter Tree no.2   7x5 in.    Winter Storm  6x6 in.    Three Clementines  5x7 in.    Milk and Oreos 5x7 in.    Orange no.5  6x6 in.    Winter Aspens  5x7 in.    Snow Covered Hills  5x7 in.    Winter Creek  6x6 in.    Still Life with Onion  6x6 in.    Apple and Lemons  7x5    Shadow on Mountain  8x6 in.    Cows In Field 5x7 in.    Bosch Pear  6x5 in.    Pears in Bowl  6x6 in.    Tulips  6x6 in.    Rose 5x5 in.    Radishes  5x5 in.    Grapes 5x5 in.    Winter Trees  7x5 in.    Winter Day  6x6 in.    Mountain Tops 2 3/8 x 7 in.    Reflecting Lemons  5x6 in.    Apples in Dish  5x6 in.    Grapefruit no.2  5x5 in.    Salt and Pepper no.2  5x5 in.    Clouds no.3  5x7 in.    Mountain Tops no.2  5x7 in.    Winter Day No.2  5x7 in.    Garlic and Oil  5x7 in.    White Poppies  5x5 in.    Petals  6x5 in.    Firs by Lake  7x5 in.    Tomato no.3  5x5 in.    Avocado and Tomato  6x6 in.    Afternoon Shadow  5x7 in.    Yellow Onions no.2  5x7 in.    Onion Half  5x5 in.    Clouds no.4  6x6 in.    Snow Field with Tree  5x7 in.    Lemon no.4    Turnips    Plum no.2    Dusk    Yellow Tulips    Doughnut    Chocolate Covered Doughnut    Sprinkled Doughnut    Orange no.6    Green Apple    Cut Peach    Snow Topped Mountains    Sunset no.2    Mountain Top and Moon    Eggplant no.2    Three Dandelions    Egg and Spoon    Watermelon Slices    Strawberries    Sky no.2    Kiwis no.2    Wild Yellow Roses    Dahlias    Geraniums    Mount Timpanogos    D'Anjou Pears    Red Onion no.3    Cantaloupe no.5    Clementines    Lemons no.4    Westward Beach    Mendocino Coast    California Figs    El Matador Rock    Cherries no.2    Grapes no.2    Lakeside    Aspens no.2    Balsamic Vinegar and Tomato    Garden Cabbage    Evening Clouds    Clouds at Noon    Night Sky    White Onion no.5    Wild Flowers    Butter On Dish    Red Tomatoes    Diet Coke    Conifers    Wild Plums    Strawberry Jam    Peeled Orange    Peppers    Reflections    Autumn Day    River Rocks    No Painting    Red Pears    Red Plum    Clouds no.5    Salt Lake Dusk    Autumn Sunset    Autumn Leaves    Still Life with Green Tomato    D'Anjou Pear    Braeburn Apples    Green Fall Leaf    Red Fall Leaves    Yellow Fall Leaf    Autumn Tree    Lindor Chocolates    Website Update    Lindor Chocolates no.2    Candy Cane no.3    White Onion no.6    Winter Aspen    Clouds no.6    Lemon no.6    Winter Day no.3    Garlic no.5    Orange and Water    Pears no.4    Girl in Pink Dress    Girl with Black Scarf    Beets no.2    Lemon Wedges    Profile of Sara    Jayson    Van    Arch Rock    Evening Tide    Pacific Dusk    California Mussel Shell    Morning Wave    Laguna Shore    Pacific Cliffs    Beach Rocks    Morning at Laguna    Dume Cove    Woman with Roses    Sky Study    Onion Still Life    Red and White Onions    Two Red Onions    Pink Roses    Still Life with White Flowers    White Lilies    Man with Black Beard    Woman with Braids    Half Grapefruit    Apples    Canyon Waterfall    Spring Runoff    Arizona Saguaros    Strawberries and an Interview    Avocados no.3    Melissa    Summer Clouds    Summer Evening Moon    Summer Morning    Orange and Bowl    $1 Painting, Orange with Bowl    Still Life with Kabocha    Morning Sky    Two Clouds    Sky no.3    Pears no.4    Green Pepper    Large Tomato    Pair of Peaches    Orange Segments    Apple Slices    Small Works Show    Fall Night Sketch    Early Snowfall    Fall Leaves    Pair of Avocados    Snow on Auburn Hill    Two Tangerines    Head Sketch    Turnips in Bowl   

Daily Painter- Justin Clayton


About Justin:

Justin Clayton, 31, a former video game artist in Los Angeles, says he was inspired by Duane Keiser to quit his day job last year to make small oil paintings for his blog, JustinsPaintings.com, which started in January.

Like Keiser, he paints still lifes, a few portraits and some landscapes, such as a row of the tops of California palm trees.













Justin Clayton


Abstract Art

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